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Occupy Worcester

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Nov. 6th, 2011 | 05:14 pm

Occupy Worcester met on Worcester Common last night, and many were arrested. They were there on Worcester Common again today, which reminded me I never posted about the last time we were both meeting there.

Occupy Worcester met at 1:30 on Worcester Common on Sunday about a month ago.

Here is a sign of a movement that is trying to show respect for others.

Before the event happened Pastor Mary got an email from one of the pastors of a church that is involved. "Just want to let you know that Occupy Worcester will be at the common Sunday, starting around 1:30. We will do our best to not interfere with your worship, and we hope you know that you and all your parishioners are welcome at the event."

When Mary arrived two members of another Church came to check-in. “Let us know where you meet, and where your line is for lunch, so we can be sure we are not in the way.”

Mary introduced them to me, and then I headed off to get the lunch tables set as another person came from still another group. “Hey, will it be in your way if we gather over by the memorial? We want to be sure both of us can meet peacefully.”
"Its great. What is a once sentence message I can tell our parishioners about what you are doing?" Mary asked.
"The US is getting more and more unequal and we are in favor of more economic equality."
"Wow, that is what our sermon is about too!" Mary shook their hands and sent them off.

Two young women came over with their protest signs. "Are you guys part of Occupy Worcester?" they asked, looking at the forming lunch line.
"We are an outdoor church for homeless and at risk adults."
"Cool. Our message is that poor people shouldn't have to look for lunch programs in order to eat."
"Thanks for coming." We shared, "we'll try not to be too loud once you get started with your event."

"Hey are you in charge here?" an elderly man asked me.
"I'm one of the pastors," I offered.
"We did some research and fines are doubled if you get arrested today, so be careful. I'd hate it if some of your parishioners get in trouble because of our event."
"We try to encourage folk to avoid creating trouble with the police, so I think we will be ok."
"Oh good. Just wanted to be sure you knew."
"Thank you! Have a good event!"

In the end the biggest hassle is that it was hard to get all the set-up and visiting that is the normal beginning to Worcester Fellowship done, because the Occupy Worcester folk were so friendly and helpful.
That is a problem that I really don't mind!

[posted by Liz. Don't forget to LIKE Worcester Fellowship on Facebook! Our website is www.worcesterfellowship.org]

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